Keiko Orrall Demands Transparency for Lottery Move

Keiko Orrall Demands Transparency for Lottery Move

BOSTON – Keiko Orrall, candidate for State Treasurer, today submitted a public records request to the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission for information regarding the move of the Lottery headquarters from Braintree to Dorchester.

Citing Treasurer Goldberg’s assertion that the Lottery is having trouble attracting young, new talent due to the commute to Braintree, Orrall’s campaign is seeking data to back up the justification for increasing expenses by millions of dollars over the term of the lease.  Increasing the Lottery’s expenses by millions of dollars denies that funding to  struggling cities and towns who receive state aid from the sale of Lottery tickets.

Orrall’s campaign requested that the Lottery state just how many open positions were posted and filled in the last year as well as the number of applicants that applied to each position. Additionally, she wants to find out exactly how many positions will be moving from the Braintree office to the Dorchester office, if there are any vacant positions that will be moved to the Dorchester office, and how many applications have been received for these positions.

“Treasurer Goldberg owes taxpayers a more thorough explanation for this move. She needs to provide the data that backs up her claim that the Lottery is actually having trouble attracting applicants to work in the Braintree office. Given that local communities rely on precious resources from the Lottery, and that Goldberg is asking the Legislature for even more taxpayer funds, the public deserves a better explanation than what she has provided.”



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